Three months to walking

These babies and young children have their own dedicated three room suite:

  • One quiet peaceful room.
  • A more stimulating but calm room allowing your child to explore and develop with confidence.
  • A changing room.

Each child follows their own routine. Parents’ wishes are respected with each child having their own care plan written after discussion between nursery and parents. Communication between parents and nursery staff is a strong element of nursery. Children’s home books are updated daily allowing parents to follow their child’s day and as they grow older, discuss it with them at the end of the day. These young children benefit from the large and stimulating garden and enjoy playing outside regularly.

18 months to Three years

The ground floor of the building is dedicated to these toddlers and young infants. They enjoy one very large, well-resourced sunny room with access to the garden, a further room – a quiet and peaceful area – and a large, newly refurbished changing room and cloakroom.

The planning for this age group, written by professional, dedicated practitioners, promotes the children’s learning and development through play. The warm, nurturing environment stimulates the developing skills of speech, physical development, social skills and the safe but exciting surroundings promote the new skills of numeracy, literacy, and the enjoyment of music, dance, creativity. This holistic approach creates the stepping stones to well-rounded, happy, confident individuals.

The outside environment has been designed to offer children excitement and fun allowing their imagination to flow.

Three to Four year old children

Our three and four year old children have their own spacious room giving the opportunity to be surrounded by stimulating resources and activities promoting the learning and development of this age group.

Planning incorporates the six areas of learning, recognised in the government’s Early Years Foundation Stage Framework: Creative development, Literacy, Numeracy, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Physical Development and PSED (Personal, Social, Emotional Development).

Children also benefit from the specialist teaching of the main school, enjoying basic French presented by Club Francais.