Covid 19 Operating Procedures

The following information gives an overview of how we have adapted our operating procedures at Little Steps Nursery in response to the Covid 19 pandemic.  For a more detailed breakdown of our control measures please see our risk assessment document (at the bottom of this page).

We appreciate that this could be a very anxious, and at moments frustrating, time for you.  Please be assured we are doing everything we can to keep you, your children and our staff safe.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ellie Graham:

At all times we will follow the guidance and procedures set out by the government.

If a child develops symptoms while at nursery

If your child has a temperature of 37.8 degrees or more, a continuous cough (they will be monitored for one hour to ensure the cough is continuous) or loss of taste or smell, we will contact you and ask you to collect your child as soon as possible.

The child will be taken to the isolation room with a member of staff while we wait for you.

We ask that you then take your child for a PCR test; if negative the child can return to nursery after 24 hours if they had a temperature or straight away if they didn’t.

Should your child or any member of your household develop these symptoms at home they should not attend nursery until the symptomatic person has received a negative test result.

We understand that children develop temperatures for all sorts of reasons and often suffer from coughs and colds.  We also know how frustrating it can be to be asked to collect your child and keep them at home.  For now, however, we must follow the government guidance on this issue in order to keep everyone safe.

If a child is identified as a contact of someone with Covid-19

Families should follow advice provided by Test and Trace i.e. the contact should self-isolate for 14 days. Should the contact develop symptoms they should book a test and the household should self-isolate.

Grouping children and staff

Children will remain in their normal groups with the staff they know.  There will be no mixing of children between groups and we endeavour to limit movement of staff between groups as much as possible.

Equipment and resources will not usually be transferred between groups, if they are, they will be thoroughly cleaned or quarantined for 48 hours. 

Drop off and pick up

After consulting with parents and staff we have decided to continue with dropping off and picking up children at the front door, on the whole.  However, we are delighted to be able to welcome parents in to the nursery should you wish to talk to your child’s key person at any point.


One of the main symptoms of Covid 19 is a high temperature.  We have therefore temporarily amended our procedures around giving paracetamol/ibuprofen as they may cover up this key symptom

Unfortunately, your child will not be able to attend the setting if they have had paracetamol/ibuprofen within the last 24 hours.

For the time being, we are not able to administer paracetamol/ibuprofen at nursery. The only exception to this is if your child has recently had their routine immunisations.

We are happy to administer other prescribed medications as needed.

Prospective Parents

We are now delighted to be able to welcome prospective parents into nursery for a tour. If you would like to arrange a virtual tour please phone 01582 661471 or email

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