Building strong relationships between home and nursery is a vital element in enabling us to provide the highest possible level of care for your child.

Prior to your child joining our nursery we spend as much time with you as necessary, to ensure we fully understand what is important to you when we are caring for your child.  This communication continues throughout your child’s time with us and you are welcome, at any time, to speak to your child’s key worker, their room leader or a member of the management team.  We have an ‘open door’ policy and truly welcome parents’ or carers’ views and comments.

We use an online Learning Journey called Tapestry. This allows us to send you regular updates of your child giving you a glimpse into their day at nursery.  We also use Tapestry to give you a detailed care diary for your child each day.

Every day, on collecting your child, you will be greeted by a practitioner who will pass on important information about  your child’s day at nursery.

As well as daily updates, once a term your child’s key worker will arrange a meeting at a time convenient to you, to discuss your child’s progress.  We will also send you monthly updates, letting you know about themes and important dates for that month.

Home Activities

You may be looking for activities to do at home with your children or games to get the whole family involved in having fun and learning . The Government has created a bank of simple, fun ideas that you and your children can do together called Hungry Little Minds

Oral Health

Dental decay is a serious problem in young children. There is a wealth of information on the PACEY website about how you can help protect your children’s teeth and promote good oral health.

We are currently working towards the ‘MySmile’ award at nursery.

Keeping Safe

It can be hard to know when and how to have conversations with our very young children children about how they can keep themselves safe. The NSPCC website has advice including talking about racism, PANTS: The underwear rule, and much more.