Squirrels set over a number of rooms and includes a outdoor free-flow space and an additional large garden and forest area.

Children in Squirrels room will continue to benefit from our cosy, supportive environment, while we introduce them to elements of school life. We focus on key skills of independence, confidence, self-awareness, negotiation, curiosity and emotional regulation which are so important as children prepare for the next step in their educational journey.

While the majority of their day will see the children choosing activities and resources to develop their learning, they will also have the opportunity of taking part in small group, more formal learning to introduce them to the teaching style they may experience at school. In these groups children will begin to learn phonics and numeracy skills which they will find useful as they transition to Reception.

The transition to school is hugely important and we work to make it as smooth as possible for the children. We have extensive communication with Reception teachers, inviting them in to the nursery and taking the children for taster sessions in their new classes. We prepare transition reports for all children at the end of their pre-school year.

Squirrels Room
Squirrels Room Cosy Corner
Squirrels Home Corner
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