Meeting Tadpoles

As part of our life cycles topic this term, we have been watching tadpoles grow.  This has created great discussions about the life cycle of the frog, where they live, and what they eat. Preschool children used magnifying glasses to see each week how they have grown.

Making and exploring cloud dough

Children have been making and exploring cloud dough this month, made with different scents including apple, strawberry and coconut. Our toddlers explored the dough using the cutters and rollers. Preschool children were excited to mix all the ingredients together and to guess the scent of the dough.

Carl, the Guide Dog

Today Little Steps Nursery had a very special visitor. Carl the Guide dog came to see all the children, he was very calm and gentle although the children were all very excited. All the children had the opportunity to stroke and brush Carl which he seemed to enjoy.

Baby Art

Children can enjoy exploring a wide range of materials and textures from a very young age. Look at these beautiful paintings used to create some fish for the underwater garden display.

Oral Health

       The children in our Pre-school room have been focusing on Oral health and how we look after our teeth. They have been discussing the importance of caring for our teeth and which foods we should try to avoid.

Visitors from the hospital

  Some of the staff from the Luton and Dunstable children’s ward came to visit Little Steps Nursery. The children enjoyed exploring the machinery and role play equipment they brought along. We also had fun with some creative activities using medicine syringes to paint some wonderful pictures.